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    ISRI 1000/517 PRO

    1000_517-84637-05ISRI 1000/517

    Is a representative product from our new generation of seats. Proven quality and compelling technology makes this chair for a reliable partner for long trips. Seat and back cushion is anatomically designed and adjustment handles are ergonomically positioned. The breathable clothing in an attractive design makes this chair special character.

    • Height adjustment with double-lock, 180 mm.
    • Height and tilt adjustment in small increments to 65 mm.
    • Two attachment points for the belt, meeting the latest EU requirements.
    • Seatback angle, in small steps.


    • Armrests, adjustable.
    • Headrest, adjustable.
    • Lap belt, automatically.
    • Cloth upholstery, form-fitting.
    • Lumbar support bladder with a hand pump.


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